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Who we are
During the last twenty years our construction company, Oiko-Domisi, has proven to be a reliable partnership in architecture, the construction and/or renovation of houses, apartments and special projects. The two directors, Vasso Vrettou and Katerina Tsiganou have developed a solid and reliable reputation among local citizens and European visitors. Their main goal is to provide construction quality and unique architecture at an affordable price.
Since 2009, we have increased our services in the Northern Area of the Messinia region with a professional Real Estate Agency.
Our Agency can provide professional services regarding the sale or purchase of your property through to the final signing of a contract. This process is time consuming, but with our assistance and the support of a large network of affiliates we are able to reduce client stress by providing an effective sale or purchase.
Our company takes pride in paying attention to detail. We have the knowledge and the experience to promote your property through the internet (***. Greece, Europe and worldwide) at the same time. We can assist you by searching the market to make a sale or a real estate purchase on your behalf.
We are effective in providing a prospective client with access to excellent services and efficient and experienced staff. The two highly experienced directors, Vasso Vrettou and Katerina Tsiganou, together with an effective team of specialists (architects, lawyers, notary and financial advisors) can offer the best possible choice to our clients reflecting the current market status and the future development of the property and the region.

We are always there for you because we care for your living!!!

Vasso Vrettou Katerina Tsiganou

Vassiliki Vrettou - Katerina Tsigkanou
Address: 6 Anastassopoulou str
Contact: Katerina Tsigganou - Vasso Vrettou



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