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10 Tips for Your Next Move: The Best Move

Summer is around the corner, when most plan on getting away for a relaxing vacation. But for some, it’s also the ideal time to plan something else – a big, even sometimes stressful move, making it the busiest time of the year for moving companies. ...

Greece & Real Estate
Greek real estate boom defies market doldrums
Greek economy
Gov't measures have potential to stimulate housing market
Legal & Other Procedures in Greece
Useful links for Greece
Greece & Real Estate
How do the locals react to foreigners buying/renting properties in Greece

Cyprus & Real Estate

Renting an apartment or a house in Cyprus

Information about renting a house or apartment in Cyprus: finding a rental, the deposit, the lease and utilities. ...

Cyprus & Real Estate
Holiday housing loans up
Cyprus & Real Estate
Cyprus credit growth to slow
Banks, Mortgages & Financing in Cyprus
Cypriot banks ‘stable’
Cypriot Economy
Cypriot wage reforms urged


Romania's real estate market to suffer in '09 - Cushman&Wakefield

The domestic real estate market will face heavy losses in 2009, being hit by the global crunch, Cushman&Wakefield said. ''The scenario will be as follows: less credits, therefore less housing units, less furniture, less home appliances, companies wil ...

Albania takes first step on the property ladder
Fast-growing Balkan real estate seen as final frontier of Europe
Bulgaria real estate boom looks set to slow
Greek firms to invest 2 bln euros in Serbia by 2010

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