What is SpiN?

  • Busines network on real estate

    Spin (Spitogatos Network) is a business network / technology platform on real estate in Greece and abroad, who meet specific criteria and share a common code of conduct.
  • Supply & demand matchmaking

    All SpiN members have access to a hi-tech platform that facilitates B2B communication & partnerships tremendously, and hence serve their customers way better.
  • Quick results

    SpiN offers reliability, speed and results, since with the use of technology everything is cheaper, better & faster.

Why work with SpiN agents

Spitogatos SpiN


SpiN agents are highly likely to be pioneers in their sector, since they follow technology and the latest trends. They also share a common code of conduct regarding the use of SpiN.

Spitogatos SpiN


With a growing network of partners in Greece and abroad, realtors connected through SpiN will have immediate access to large volumes of property listings and customer requests (supply & demand). This, therefore, increases the chances to accommodate even the most demanding customers.

Spitogatos SpiN


If you are an owner, with the help of SpiN your agent can quickly promote your property, or easily find a buyer. Similarly, if you are looking for a specific property and have difficulty finding it, real estate agents subscribed in SpiN can immediately be informed when the corresponding offer is presented.

Spitogatos SpiN

"Aura" of MLS

SpiN is not an MLS (Multiple Listing Service), but it is a technical platform / business network with some of its features.



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